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Welcome to the website of the pharaoh,the son of god.
The pharaoh came with a huge kingship full of pharaohgods to earth.

The pharaoh can give you a new souldisk, all the heavens work with souldisks.

In the pharaoh heaven the gods did a ritual with my soul, i screamed for
2 hours long.
After the ritual i was the king of the pharaoh`s, the son of god.

My titles:

king of the pharaoh`sreceived from the father of the pharaoh`s
king dormanduthis power can make a army of mumy souls from the energy left behind in dead bodies.
commander of the faithfulthis power gives the right to command the army of the faithful.
king of the heavensthis power enables me to rule all the heavens of earth.
selatoselati is nobody who programs the machines onboard the spaceship of god. all universes are onboard this ship.
nexusnexus takes the laws for reality, received from another nexus a reality god
lotuslotus takes the laws for the universes, received this power from another lotus.
destroyer of enemiesThis power enables the pharaoh to kill the enemies of the gods.
the witchgodreceived from all the god of the witches.
system architect godthis power enables the pharaoh to program the computer system of the ship of god where all universes are part of.
star of asiareceived from the gods of asia
shiva the destroyerreceived from shiva when i killed the devil of india
lord of the cosmosreceived from the soul of the universe
murukureceived from marduk my friend to protect myself with chaos magick.
pharaoh/emperor of the existincereceived from god of the existince for who i work
ruler of the dragonsreceived from god of the existince
loki lazuul nazuul azuulMy true name of my soul, before i changed into the pharaoh of the existince.
dragongod of the existincethanks to god of the existince my soul is the dragongod
lord of the ancientsreceived from the father of loki,a master black magician who is god
guardian of the well of eternal darknessreceived from the mother of loki a dark godess
guardian of the door of am tuatthe door of am tuat is the door to paradise
admiral of the reality seasall reality seas are onboard GODS SHIP. i control this ship
commander of everything that existsthe chief commander of gods ship
pharaoh of light/darkness of the universereceived from the father of the universe
god of the magiciansreceived from the father of loki
the godkingreceived from the father of the pharaoh`s
god of warreceived from the grandfather of loki
he who leaves the battlefield as the last onereceived from god
god that can exist everywhereThis power enables my soul to travel to other kingdoms
marukini stole this power from a machine with a devil inside, god was dead. his name was marukin
Pharaoh of the underworldreceived from anubis
Timeship commanderreceived from a spaceship from andromeda home of the pharaoh gods and god.

These are my titles, they are on the souldisk of the pharaoh.
The brain of the pharaoh is enhanced by magic.
The body of the pharaoh is a magical body
I am a holy warlock.
The more souldisks the pharaoh obtains and put in his ba, the more powerful the pharaoh becomes.